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About Taiya Soul

Hi, Taiya Soul here! I am a singer, songwriter, vocal arranger, breath - training and life coach that loves helping people elevate, grow, take control of their life and future.

Professional Vocal, Breath - Training and Life Coach



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I started my life coaching journey officially, after I realised that my experience and using it to serve other was my purpose. Helping people with my knowledge, and skills is both fulfilling and rewarding, and my way of 'paying it forward.' I am passionate about creating real, meaningful, and impact. in the lives of my clients. Guiding clients to they're real selves and purpose through in-depth assessments, one - to - one sessions, tasks and reflections brings joy to me and clients, especially once they see the bigger picture of their goals and purpose and the bespoke plan of how to get there. Seeing my clients live their life soulfully and successfully is what the work is about. I would love to walk the path to helping you to empower yourself with you.

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I've had the privilege of being a part of several coaching experiences with clients that have resulted in remarkable success, and I believe that with my knowledge and experience, we can alter the course of your life.


Please contact taiyasoulcoaching if you are ready to begin your journey with Taiya Soul.

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