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Breath-training to improve vocal quality and agility

We are not all professional singers, some of us just like to sing at home, but either way singing is fun and therapeutic, and learning how to breathe correctly can greatly improve your singing, especially in the area of vocal quality and agility.

As a singer, each note and phrase rely upon a steady source of air behind it, holding it in place. This technique becomes possible only when a singer understands how to optimize their breathing techniques.

Singing is the result of a process called phonation. During phonation, air passes through a person’s vocal folds in the larynx, which causes them to vibrate.

Essentially, if you want to become a better singer, you need to explore breathing exercises.

To help you improve your singing breath we will focus on:

- Warm Ups

- Pitch and Tone

- Rhythm

- Expression

- Vocal Health

- The Music You Love


For the first session, I recommend you bring in a song you feel comfortable starting with.

Taiya Soul provides the breath-training coaching you need to take your voice to the next level. My certified coaching services specialize in a variety of techniques and styles, helping to ensure you get the most out of your lessons.


Start your singing coaching journey today and unlock the full potential of your unique voice.

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