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Live life Soulfully & Successfully

Breath-training and Life coaching to empower and uplift your life.

Hi, I'm Taiya Soul

I started my life coaching journey officially, after I realised that my experience and using it to serve other was my purpose. Helping people with my knowledge, and skills is both fulfilling and rewarding, and my way of 'paying it forward.' 

My aim with in-depth coaching sessions is to help you discover or rediscover your purpose today.


What I Specialize In

Learn Breath training to improve vocal quality and agility

Learn Breath training for stress and anxiety management

Set Life Goals

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Soul Speaks Podcast

I began my singing and breathing coaching with Taiya to improve my lung capacity and improve my night-time breathing. I have Sleep Apnoea and I was determined to get out of the habit of having to use my CPAP machine to help me breathe at night. I found out I could sing….. a little bit. I improved my gym performance by over 60% in one session by employing the breathing techniques Taiya taught me. Taiya is an amazingly dedicated coach. We did so well. I was signed off my CPAP machine in 2019 right before Lockdown. 

J Lee, The Pure Body Company.
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